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     This aquatic training system, focusing using incorporating muscular and cardiovascular exercises has so many different benefits from regular “on the ground” training:

  1. Reducing articular impact against the ground.

  1. Ideal for overweight or pregnant clients as your body weight is reduced so you feel agile and can move more freely.
  1. Combining movements above the water as well as against the pool floor.
  1. The instability created by the change in your central gravity improves your balance and posture.
  1. Helps to increase and improve you blood circulation.
  1. Constant muscles contact with the water is like having a continuous hydro-massage throughout the session.
  1. Improving and maintaining your breathing rate to stay afloat, means you burn more calories.
  1. Being in the water means your body temperature stays cooler than it would if you were on land, thus burning even more calories.
  1. The simple movements made to stay buoyant means you are working your body without the aid of machines.
  1. Great fun ways to train the body where you won’t feel as exhausted as you do with conventional training methods.