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Functional training is the latest revolution in fitness and traditional training. It’s based on MULTI-PLANAR movements (in all directions), integrating biomechanical movements (implicating several muscular groups at once). You will work with unstable supports; Bosu, Reebok board balance trainer, trampoline, etc. to improve your proprioceptive system, your body-balance and increase your caloric consume. At the same time you will work in a synergistic way a whole set of muscular groups to increase your neuromuscular coordination.

            Functional training is a great advance with respect to traditional training; it will improve your muscular tone, your physical and global balance, your proprioceptive system and your neuromuscular system. You will strengthen your global balance to avoid possible future injuries. Not only will you obtain better results but also much more faster than with traditional training.       FUNCIONAL TRAINING IS ABOUT MOVEMENTS NOT MUSCLE.


            The technique used is very simple but extremely effective, Functional training, shows you how your body works. If we apply biomechanical functions in every move we wish to make, and we use low impact and unstable supports, we will obtain a high level of strength, speed, resistance, global balance and coordination.
FUNCTIONAL TRAINING is dynamic, fun and above all it WORKS.