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            In the world of fitness there are tree basic fundaments to achieve our goals; NUTRITION,      training and rest. As you can see, nutrition is the first in this line, and not by casualty, as it is the most important one.

            WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, it’s a fact that each persons individual metabolism is very important, nevertheless I believe and aim much more at good habits to nourish ourselves.

            Unfortunately Spain is already the second nation, behind the USA, with the highest level of obesity in the world. This means that the majority of the people who are interested in following a training program do so to lose weight. Due to wrong nutrition habits and a sedentary live-style, obesity has converted it self in one the most important affections in this century

            I do not believe that a person who has a weight problem should maintain the rest of his live a strikt diet. Many diets generate only temporary loss of weight, recuperating the lost kilos quickly afterwards, or in many cases increasing your body weight. That’s why I believe in good nutrition habits together with physical activity to achieve live-long results.

            My philosophy and experience has made me to understand that the most important is not what we eat but how our metabolism assimilates the food we consume. We should control the amount, the food-combinations and the way we eat. We have to learn about our metabolism and the nutrition values of the food we take in. This will lead us finally to a correct balance and a good control of our body.

            Taking in mind this philosophy, the technique we use is based on the control of the amount of calories we consume and the amount of calories we need on a daily base. In this way we can influence our in-take and use of calories and obtain the results we are interested in.