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   Sport coaching is a very different way to understand and approach personal training.  A sports coach does not only makes your trainingplan, but also gives you a global analysis of your condition, controlling you exercises and taking in account your habits, level of stress, hobbies etc. Only this way you can reach your final goal.

Sport coaching encompasses far more than training only. It is based on four fundamental principals:

  1. EMOTIONS. Not only does it analyse your physical state, but also the emotional part of a person, as body is connected with the mind. We have to understand ourselves in a global way to achieve maximum results.

  2. EVALUATE. Many times we are not sure of what we want, or the way we can obtain the results we want. Therefore it is important for us to listen to a person, evaluate with him his options and in this way we can reach your goals.

  3. COMPROMISE. Once we have set our goals we have to make the final decision, HOW, WHERE AND WHEN DO WE START, it’s the first step, but the one that takes more effort.

  4. RESULTS. Making small steps we will get to big results. Conquering one by one all this small steps we will reach our goal. You will notice the improvements, physically and mentally.