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            The Pilates method, although it may sound new to us, already for many years people practis it. It’s a method of exercises based on six principals:

  1. CONCENTRATIÓN. The key is to connect the mind with the body. If we can connect our mind with the movements we are making, we will be able to increase much more the feeling of the area of our body we are working on.


  1. CONTROL. Our body movements have to be controlled in any moment, in a slow and harmonious way with respect to the rest of our body. This will increase the difficulty of the exercises, especially as we do not use any aid. But at the same time we will avoid injuries.
  1. CENTER. The centre of our body is where all movements we make should originate. The basic of our muscular system is in the centre of our body. We call it the “powerhouse”


  1. SMOOTHNESS. Our movements have to be slow, fluid and controlled, like in a choreography and in total harmony with all the other parts of our body.
  1. PRECISION. To obtain the full benefits of the exercises it’s necessary to control very precisely the full extent of our movements. In this way we will work secure and with maximum results.


  1. RESPIRATION. Breathing is the first act of live. Therefore we have to put much emphasis on this part of Pilates. Breathing in and out, completely and fluidly, with every movement we make. Three-dimensional breathing consists in activating the central part of your body as at the same time we will connect it with the synergistic movement you are making.



  • Helps and reduces the majority of back pains.
  • Improves your mobility.
  • Improves your body posture.
  • Reduces the negative effects of a sedentary live.
  • Increases your conscience.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves body coordination.
  • Helps to recuperate after giving birth or post-trauma.
  • Increases the quality of your live.